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Cut sheet for the DENT-LTG-RGBW-DWN product line. Supported via constant voltage DENT-LINC-CV.


Cut sheet for the DENT-LTG-RGB-POOL. An 18W recessed RGB that is completely submersible with an IP68 rating up to 2 meters. Supported via constant voltage DENT-LINC-CV.


Cut sheet for the DENT-LTG-HB-CCT supported via constant current DENT-LINC-CC. Capable of dynamic CCT color tuning temperatures between 3000K and 5000K.

Installation Drawings


Wiring diagram for RGB underwater light fixtures or RGB light fixtures connected via LINC-CV


Wiring diagram for the DENT-OCC-LV-P-Z-CM Low Voltage PIR Occupancy Sensor supported via LINC-CC or LINC-CV


Wiring diagram for constant current, color tuning linear recessed light fixture connected via LINC-CC


Wiring diagram for linear suspended independent up and down light connected via LINC-CC

DENT-PoE-Fan (H)

Wiring diagram for horizontal DENT-PoE Fan connected via LINC-CV


Wiring diagram for magnetic track lighting system supported via LINC-CV

Training Drawings

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