Power Over Ethernet Lighting Kits

All-in-One Solutions with Plug-and-Play Configuration

Ready for PoE Lighting?

Not sure where to start?  Our Kits deliver . . .

All-in-One Solution

All the Key Components You Need in One Kit

Plug-and-Play Solution

No Programming Required

Affordable Lighting Solution

Simply Install and Turn On

Integrated into One Package

We’ve made kits of the components you need to quickly and affordably add PoE lighting to small office and commercial spaces.

Our kits include the lights, power supplies, and controller you need for a rapid, affordable deployment of PoE lights.  You supply the network cable and installation.  That’s it.

The programming is already uploaded and ready to use on your LINC room controller.

See our online manual to learn more about installing and operating our Lighting Kits.

Infinitely Upgradeable

Your lighting kit is fully compatible with the full line of Denton Digital Building products, so at any time you can upgrade your installation with:

  • Customized lighting schedules
  • Customized Scenes and Groups of fixtures
  • Customizable touchscreen wall controller
  • Remote support and control
  • Full Building Management System

Simply contact us below to learn how you can upgrade your system to the most advanced features of a fully connected building automation system.



Customized Power Over Ethernet Solutions Provider

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