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DENT-LK-C Installation and Configuration Manual


Welcome to the PoE Texas Manual for the DENT-LK-C line of products!

The purpose of the manual is to help you quickly and effectively install and configure your new DENT-LK-C kit.

Our goal is to make our products as intuitive and simple to use as possible, so we value your feedback and questions directly to us at service@poetexas.com.  Phone +1-512-479-0317.

Or you’re always welcome to leave questions or comments on our product pages: DENT-LK-C.

What’s Inside


  • Qty 1 DENT-LINC-CC
  • Qty 1 GPOE-1AB-56V60W
  • Qty 1 DENT-WS-S4
  • Qty 2 LTG-FP-2-2-4K



      • Qty 1 DENT-LINC-CC
      • Qty 1 GPOE-1AB-56V60W
      • Qty 1 DENT-WS-S4
      • Qty 2 DWN-4-RDG-WH



        • Qty 1 DENT-LINC-CC
        • Qty 1 GPOE-1AB-56V60W
        • Qty 1 DENT-WS-S4
        • Qty 2 LTG-FP-2-2-4K
        • Qty 2 DWN-4-RDG-WH



        • Qty 1 DENT-LINC-CC
        • Qty 1 GPOE-1AB-56V60W
        • Qty 1 DENT-WS-S4
        • Qty 4 LTG-FP-2-2-4K


      Accessories and Tools

      Not Included in Base Kit


      • Cat6 Ethernet  (2 cables length < 100m)
      • Single Gang JBOX or low voltage wall ring
      • 18-2 AWG wire (to each fixture)
      • 18-6 AWG wire (for wall switch)
      • WAGO wire connectors (~ 25)
      • Wire strippers




      • PoE Tester (highly recommended )
      • 2ft Tbar (needed if putting into a 2ft x 4ft tile)
      • PoE / Data Switch if future networking is desired



      • Wire strippers
      • Drill bits
      • Levels
      • Sheetrock saw
      • Wire cutters
      • Box cutter
      • Screwdrivers/Impact Drill
      • Wire Fishing tools
      • Carpenters Tape




      Download the Kit Drawing Set

      Kit Includes

      2x 2×2 Fixtures

      4 Button Light Switch

      100-200 Sqft Space

      Kit Includes

      2x 4″ Down Lights

      4 Button Light Switch

      100-200 Sqft Space

      Kit Includes

      2x 2×2 Fixture

      2x 4″ Down Lights

      4 Button Light Switch

      200-300 Sqft Space

      Kit Includes

      4x 2×2 Fixture

      4 Button Light Switch

      200-400 Sqft Space

      Watch a Professional Wire the Different Fixtures

      4″ Down Light

      4 Button Light Switch

      2×2 Troffer Light




      • Cut the light switch mounting location and mount the low voltage ring
      • Determine where you plan to mount the DENT-LINC
        • You can mount the LINC in a ceiling or in an IDF or server room
        • It should be no more than 100 m (330 ft) from the supplied injector or a PoE++ (IEEE 802.3bt Type 4) switch
        • It should also be no more than 30 m (100 ft) from the furthest light switch or light fixture
      • Run the 18-6 wire from the wall switch location back to the LINC
      • Mount the light fixtures
      • Rough in the 18-2 wire from the LINC the light fixtures
      • Terminate the light fixtures and the LINC
      • Wire and terminate the light switch
      • Mount the light switch
      • Select where you will mount your injector or the IEEE 802.3bt switch
      • Mount the injector and power supply
      • Run the CAT 5e or CAT 6 cable from the LINC to the injector or switch
      • Terminate the CAT cable on both ends
      • Plug in the injector to power it on – confirm with the green lights
      • Connect the LINC to the injector or switch using the CAT cable
      • Your lights should come on immediately
        • If the lights do not come on immediately
        • Disconnect the CAT cable from the LINC
        • Double check you have terminated the lights to the LINC properly
        • Reconnect the CAT cable to the LINC

      As a safety precaution the LINC will not power up any output or input NOT terminated correctly.  You may need to simply unplug and plug the CAT cable in after you have properly terminated the wire whip on the light side of the LINC.

      Now you’re ready for programming.  Just kidding, check the next section on using the lights.



      Your LINC device comes pre-programmed so it is plug and play with these features.  Simply start using the buttons to control the lights.  See the image.

      You can re-program the LINC in the field by connecting the COR-TAP-Lite to a LAN with the LINC you’re interested in reprogramming.  Reprogramming does requires:

      1. COR-TAP-Lite (a PoE powered device)
      2. Local Area Network (LAN)
      3. DHCP Server (Usually a router or modem in smaller installations that hands out IP addresses)

      We recommend you contact us directly to arrange training on how to reprogram the LINC.

      Technical Specifications

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