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How To Sell PoE Lighting and Automation Systems

See an exclusive training with CEO Tyler Andrews how top tactics for how to sell PoE lighting and automation systems.

Top 3 Strategies

Designing the Controls of an Automated Lighting System

Join our CTO Joe Herbst as he explains how to layout a system.

Top 2 Pitfalls

Laying Out a PoE Lighting and Automation System

Join our CTO Joe Herbst as he shows what you should avoid doing in designing a PoE lighting system.

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The PoE Texas Value

Not All IP Based Automation Platforms are the Same

You have found an automation and lighting system.  However, to make it work you have to install their lights and infrastructure, and you can only hang out with their certified friends.  Are you ready for that level of commitment?

Otherwise, you have to find a rare designer that you pay upfront to specify all the parts, and then you have to find someone to integrate it all.  You have no guarantee that any of it will work in the end.  Can you handle that risk?

Your application doesn’t fit neatly into the Power Over Ethernet model of the systems you’ve found.  You have some spaces to retrofit or you have a device that requires more than 90 watts.  You need a system that can handle PoE, retrofits, and AC on one platform.

PoE Texas Builds Value for Facility Owners