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Hey y’all, Tyler here from POE Texas!  We get a lot of questions about how to transmit data long distances without having to pay to pull UTP cable.  Let’s say you have a guest house you want to put Wifi in or you want to put a camera in your barn, but you don’t want to pay electricians to come trench out your yard.

Here I’m going to show you how to set up an IP camera using a the Ubiquiti Nanostation as a wifi bridge over a kilometer from the data source for less than $150 (the price of a data drop in most cities, excluding the camera). Think I’m kidding? Check this out.

*Keep in mind this would work equally well with a Wifi Access Point or another bridge. 

To pick out the right PoE Texas product for your tablet, we just need to answer a few quick questions:

Do you already have a PoE switch?  (Most are IEEE 802.3af or .at)

If so, you just need to pick your splitter form factor and cable type which you can find in the link to the left.

Where do you want to put your splitter?  You’ll need a splitter and you can put it:

  • In a wall box – looks nice and professional
  • Inside the wall or in the ceiling

Picking My Splitter

If you want to conceal as much as possible – meaning you tuck it away inside the wall or the ceiling – go for the enclosed form factor like the WT-AF-5v-MicroUSB.

Putting it in the ceiling?  Pick the WT-AF-5v-MicroUSB and extend the power down the wall with a quality micro USB extension cable.  Don’t go low cost on the cable because it might not send the 12 watts your tablet needs.

If you’re looking for a clean solution to wall mount the splitter, pick the WT-GAF-USB2 mounted on a recessed low voltage wall box.

 If you have tight walls or just have more access around the back, you could upgrade to a different low voltage wall box.



Gigabit microUSB PoE Splitter.

Perfect for conference room and kiosk displays or anywhere else you need power. Power your 5 volt microUSB devices from your existing PoE switch with these 5 volt Power over Ethernet splitter/converters.


Pick my Power Supplying Equipment (PSE)

By the way, yeah, PSE is the technical acronym for it.  So now to power your splitter.

If you’re just doing power or want to isolate your tablets from your other PoE switches or injectors, you can pick any one of our 10/100 injectors.

 Quick side note: if you use one of our 10/100 injectors with the WT-GAF-USB2, check our our tech post on making the WT-GAF-USB2 Mode B.

WT-GAF-USB2 Conversion to Mode B

Out of the box our WT-GAF-USB2 is Mode A power only – What does Mode A mean? – and this short blog shows you how to convert your Mode A only WT-GAF-USB2 to Mode B, giving it compatibility with our 10/100 series of PoE injectors.  

We Can’t Forget 24 Volt Passive!

If you’ve got to do this on a budget, you can find all of these same great options in the 24 Volt Passive line.  

*Keep an eye peeled for our new WT-POE-USB2 that will give you the same great features as the WT-GAF-USB2 in a 24 volt passive format!