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(PoE to Lightning Power Only)

Welcome to the PoE Texas Manual for the AF-Lightning that delivers PoE power to an iPad!

The purpose of the manual is to help you quickly and effectively navigate the installation and functions of your new Power Over Ethernet Splitter. 

Our goal is to make our products as intuitive and simple to use as possible, so we value your feedback and questions directly to us at service@poetexas.com.  Phone +1-512-479-0317.

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What’s Inside

PARTS LIST: AF-Lightning



That’s all you’ll need.

General Installation

Your new PoE switch is designed to be simple to install and set up. You should only need at most a Philips head screw driver. To power it on, plug the power cable in the back.

Since this is an IEEE 802.3at (PoE+), you can just start plugging devices into it to eight PoE ports on the left hand side marked 1 through 8.

Ports 9T and 10T are the Gigabit uplink ports where you connect back to your router or main network switch. Ports 9S and 10S are for Small Form-factor Pluggable (SFP) fiber optic ports. If you’re not familiar with fiber optic connections, you can leave the little plastic plugs installed.

I Want Power and Data to My iPad!

Visit Our GAF-Lightning-PD Page

The GAF-Lightning-PD combines the power and data from Power Over Ethernet onto a lightning connector specially designed to fit into tight enclosures to charge the iPad Air and iPad Mini.

I Want Power and Data to My Android/Windows Device

Check out our GAT-USBC-PD Page on PoE to USB Type C devices that transmits both power and data!


There is no configuration necessary with this device.  Simply plug it in.


The yellow LED indicates power on the primary side (your PoE side).  The green indicates power on the secondary (5 volt side).

Technical Specifications

Product Specifications

Cable connector length 8.5 inches
Cable connectors Apple Lightning Male
Data Rate N/A
Dimensions 6x1x1.5 in.
Input voltage 44 volts to 57 volts
Operating Humidity 5% to 90%
Operating Temperature Range -10 – 60C

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