iPad Over Power Over Ethernet

Deliver Power and Network Data to Lightning Enabled Devices with One Network Cable

Wired Power and Network Data for iPads

Connect and Power Your iPad Through Your IP Network Using PoE

How Does It Work?

Power Budget

12 watts – It allows iPads under 11 inches to charge while viewing videos at full brightness.  For 11 inches and larger, step up to the PoE+ to USB-C line of products.

Lightning Connector

3 foot long integrated cable with right angle lightning connector

MFi Status

To achieve the integrated cable and right angle configuration, we have not obtained MFi certification on this device.

PoE Standard

Class 0 IEEE 802.3af or PoE which has a 15 watt power budget at the switch or injector.  It uses the entire power budget when charging from low battery.

Data Rate

It negotiates at 10/100 Mbps or Fast Ethernet.  Typical speed clocking performance is actually 95 Mbps.

Configuration and Settings

Plug and Play – Simply connect the device.  For more settings available, see the video above or our online manual.

Available from Your Preferred Distributor


Direct from PoE Texas