Welcome to the PoE Texas Manual for the POE-PiHat!


The purpose of the manual is to help you quickly and effectively navigate the installation and functions of your new Power Over Ethernet Adapter. 

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What’s Inside




No, unfortunately, this doesn’t come with a case, however it fits most new cases including the official one.

    General Installation

    Your new PoE hat is designed to be simple to install and set up.  Simply orient the correct pins on the Pi, then press it down fully.

    And that’s it.  Once it is in place, simply plug the RJ-45 end into a 48-56 volt passive Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) with a data source, and the Pi will start to power up automatically.

    **Please note that the PiHat is rated for 12.9 watts.  If you plan to load down the process or and plug devices into all the USB ports, you might find you draw closer to 15 watts.  For that, we recommend our GAT-5v20w with a microUSB connector.


    There is no configuration necessary with this device.  Simply plug it in and follow the installation instructions.

    Technical Specifications

    Product Specifications

    Certifications CE, FCC
    Connector Types Two 4 pin x 1 mm
    Data Rate 10/100/1000
    Dimensions 2 5/8″ x 1 1/2″ x 3/4″
    Efficiency 90%
    Max Current 270 mA
    Mount Type Board Mounted
    Operating Temperature Range 10-90% non condensing
    OperatingTemperature Range 0 – 40C
    Output Voltage 5 volt
    PoE Mode/Pinout Mode A
    PoE Standard IEEE 802.3af
    Weight 1 oz

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