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Experience the full power of PoE enabled automation and infrastructure at your facility with Denton DBI with our online showroom.  Visit spaces powered by PoE.  You can see a modern day reception, conference room, and hotel/care room.  See what’s possible with the power of PoE.

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Denton Digital Building Intelligence seemlessly combines advanced lighting and automation controls of modern work spaces with digital age technology on a Power Over Ethernet network.  It provides an inherently safe, reliable, and cost-effective platform to add digital age amenities to spaces with a measurable ROI.

For more on the technology, keep scrolling.  If you’re still undecided, upgrading your project to PoE-based automation is easier than you might think.  See how with the video.

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You can speak confidentially with a PoE expert who can answer questions, advise on best practices, and offer rapid quotes.

Why PoE for Connected Automation and Lighting

Digital Age Amenities

Built on IoT infrastructure, Denton DBI offers the industry leading automation technology of today as well as tomorrow.  Stunning lighting effects, insightful data analytics, and building controls for sustainability and wellness for an affordable price.

Complete Connected Solution

Denton DBI integrates all automation seemlessly onto one control platform: traditional AC wiring control, wireless sensors and IoT devices, and new ethernet-based amenities all managed on Power Over Ethernet.

Concept to Completion

With a world-class design, sales, and service team combined with an end-to-end hardware solution, PoE Texas supports projects from the earliest concept phase through completion and into profitable operations.

Optimize Your Operating Expendatures with Full Facility Analytics

With Denton Digital Building Intelligence you can finally capture and see your facilities data in one place whether you have one office space, a campus of buildings, or a global network of locations.  Most importantly our customizable analytics helps you make the best operating decisions.

Download the Designer’s Tool Kit for PoE Automation and Lighting

Our comprehensive set of design tools makes incorporating PoE Automation and Lighting simple.  Includes concept design guidelines, specification sections, explainer tools for AHJ’s, and so much more.

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Making the Decision to Upgrade to PoE Connected Automation

Discover the first 5 strategic steps to upgrading your facility to PoE Connected Lighting and Automation from Top Industry Experts 

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