Power Over Ethernet for Raspberry Pi

Remote Power and Data over One Ethernet Cable for Raspberry Pi 3B+ and 4

Power and Network Data over Ethernet Cable for Raspberry Pi

Connect and Power Your Raspberry Pi 3B+ or 4 Using One Ethernet Cable Up to 330 ft from Your Network Switch

How Does It Work?

Power Budget

12 watts – It provides enough power to enable the Single Board Computer and some 5 watt USB devices.  Why not more?  Our power is limited by the on-board PoE transformer that can only handle 12 watts.

Form Factor Compatibility

Compatible with Pi 3B+ and 4 and designed to fit into the official Pi case. 


Includes adhesive backed heat sinks for key chips on your board.

PoE Standard

PoE or IEEE 802.3af, this is your normal 15 watt PoE.


12-48 volt Passive PoE for solar and DC based projects, still at 12 watt budget on the device.

Data Rate

Full Duplex or Gigabit data, however please double check the data rate on your Pi which will be less than full Gigabit.

Configuration and Settings

Plug and Play – Simply connect the device.  For more settings available, see the video above or our online manual.

Available from Amazon or Preferred Distributor

And Available Direct from PoE Texas