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Welcome to the PoE Texas Manual for the Extender Line of Products!

The purpose of the manual is to help you quickly and effectively navigate the installation and functions of your new Power Over Ethernet Extender.

Our goal is to make our products as intuitive and simple to use as possible, so we value your feedback and questions directly to us at service@poetexas.com.  Phone +1-512-479-0317.

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What’s Inside


  • 1 X Extender
  • 2 X IP67 glands [required use for proper install]

Key Features:

  • IEEE 802.3bt Dual Signature, IEEE 802.3at and af compliant
  • 10/100/1000 Mbps Data Rate
  • IP67 rated for outdoor use; water resitant- DO NOT submerge in water [not water proof]

General Installation

Your new GPOE-Extender is designed to be simple to install and set up. This unit is designed for indoor and outdoor use. If using outdoors, the unit is water resitant but not water proof, meaning the unit can withstand rain and snow but do NOT submerge the GPOE-Extender in water or other liquids. 


To install your GPOE-Extender, place the extender inline after your PoE switch or injector (PSE) within a 100m (300 ft) distance from the PSE.  Using a second category cable to run to a second GPOE-Extender or to your powered device within 100m. Please see the diagram below for distance placement. 


To properly install the GPOE-EXTENDER the IP67 Glands MUST be used on the input and output side of the extender. Use sissors to cut through the gland and wrap the gland around the base of the category cable. Insert the gland into the GPOE-Extender and cover with the metal protector by screwing on. This will assure your extender stays water resistant. For more detail on the install, please watch our youtube video below. Failure to properly install the glands with outdoor usage will lead to water leaks, voiding the warranty on the unit.


There is no configuration necessary with this device.  Simply plug it in and follow the installation instructions.

OR Call a PoE Shifu for assistance +1(512)479-0317

Technical Specifications

Product Specifications

Certifications IEEE 802.3af (PoE), IEEE 802.3at (PoE+), IEEE 802.3bt (PoE++) RoHS Compliant
Data + PoE Ports 2
Data Rate 10/100/1000
Dimensions 209 mm x 53 mm x 37.5 mm
IP Rating IP67
Load Regulation 6KV
Max Power for Kit 60 Watts
Max. Amps Per Port 1.1Amp
Mount Type Wall
Operating Humidity 20%-80% Non-Condensing
Operating Temperature Range -40 to 65 C
Output Voltage 55v (Typical)
PoE Mode/Pinout Mode A
PoE Standard IEEE 802.3bt
PoE Standards Supported IEEE 802.3af/at/bt
Power Input 44 – 57 volts POE
Storage Temperature -40 to 85 C
Weight 13.9 oz

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