Thank you PoE Texas Users for making the PoE Calculator one of our most popular online tools!  Let us help you calculate your PoE budget by Powered Device (PD) and for a Power Supplying Equipment (PSE).
Instructions for use:
  1. Step 1 - Pick your PoE Standard.  Don't know what they mean?  Check out our Dictionary.  If you have an unusual PoE, you can use the 24 volt passive for 2 pair PoE.
  2. Step 2 - Either select your cable type, our values match industry standard, or look it up yourself under the DCR of your cable and put it in the Alternate Ohms/1000 ft field.
  3. Step 3 - Pick your voltage.  You'll want to check your datasheets for IEEE compliant products because they can range from 44 to 56 volts.
  4. Step 4 - Find power consumption for your PD.  You'll normally find it in the datasheet like this one:PoE Specs
  5. Step 5 - Add the distance of the run.  
  6. Step 6 - Add the number of devices like this you'll be using.

Interpreting your Results: 
Total PoE Budget: Tells you how big your overall power supply needs to be in watts
Cable Resistance: The resistance of the cable at the run length (mostly for info)
Line Loss per PD: Power lost per line to the PD
Remote PD Volts: What voltage you'll have at the PD (compare to your PD specs)


What to Do Next: Follow the links to the left to the product category you need
 - Total PoE Budget - You need to find a part with the last number and letter greater than your Total PoE Budget, eg 36 watts Total PoE Budget -> WS-POE-8-48v60w
 - Remote PD Volts - Select a voltage at the PSE high enough so the Remote PD volts will work with your PD, eg IEEE 802.3af PD needs at least 42 volts -> WT-AT-16-56v240w
Need additional help picking your injector?  Check out our blog on how to Pick your PoE Texas Product.