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See if PoE Texas Has Identified Any iOS Compatibility Issues Before You Update

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Does iOS Have Compatibility Issues?

Occasionally we have found iOS updates have minor issues that most users wouldn’t notice.  However, based on hard won experience, if you need your device fully functional 24/7, we recommend disabling the automation software update setting on your device and choosing when to perform an update after PoE Texas has done compatibility testing.  See your product manual for how to adjust settings.

Then, check here for our testing of the most recent versions of iPadOS to confirm whether we have found any compatibility issues with any particular versions.  Then you can choose when to push updates to your iPads to get the best, most reliable performance out of your devices.

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PoE Texas Product

iOS 17.1.1

iOS 16.7.2

Previous Verions










AF-USBC-PD        USB-C Only

GAF-Lightning-PD Notes: Versions prior to Q4 2021 require a firmware update to be compatible with iOS 15.1 only.  iOS 15.2 is compatible without a firmware update.

* Compatible except device loses data connectivity during reboot and needs to be restarted to reconnect.

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