Configuring Your Cisco 9300 or 9400 Switch for PoE+

To Include PoE+ Devices Like the PoE to USB-C Converter for Surface Go, iPad Pro, Samsung Tab, or Any USB-C device

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Running Into Charging Issues with Your PoE+ to USB-C Converter or Other PoE Devices?

There’s a little known default feature in your Cisco enterprise switch that prevents you from getting the most out of your PoE+ devices, especially when using a PoE+ to USB-C converter for iPad Pro, Surface Go, Samsung Tab, and other devices.

While your Cisco 9400 or 9300 models switch is rated for PoE+ and capable of negotiating PoE+ class 4 devices, it will default to only negotiating 15.4 watts with your PoE converter unless you configure your switch for 2 event classification.  Most USB-C devices, including the Surface Go and Surface Go 2, require 18 watts or more to charge properly.

In that case, you’ll know the default setting is wrong because:

1 – You’ll see the port only negotiates 15.4 watts of power

2 – Your USB-C device will either not charge properly or will begin to lose battery charge even if it shows it is charging

Click Here to See the Cisco Instructions

Configuring Your Enterprise Switch for 2 Event Classification

Fortunately, it’s a quick, well-documented setting you just need to update for the ports you’re planning to use for your PoE+ device.  You can find the instructions from Cisco here:


Or just go to your switch terminal and follow these steps:

Switch> enable

Switch# configure terminal

Switch(config)# interface gigabitethernet2/0/1

Switch(config-if)# power inline port 2-event

Switch(config-if)# end


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