1.35 to 2.5 RA-4x

1.35mm to 2.5mm (Right Angle) DC Adapter


1.35 mm dc barrel to 2.5 mm barrel right angle (bundle of 4)

Use these 1.35mm to 2.55mm adapters to power USB devices with our 5 volt kits. Includes 4 adapters.

Our 5v Splitters have a 1.35mm x 5.5mm output male DC plug. Our 12v Splitters have a 2.1mm x 5.5mm output male DC plug

Product Specifications

Connector Types 1.35mm female DC barrel, 2.5mm male DC barrel (right angle)
Dimensions 7 in.
Max Current 2 amps
Max Voltage 5 volts
Max. Amps Per Port 2
Operating Humidity 5% to 90%