Passive 5 volt 10 watt PoE Kit with Female USB Adapter


10/100, Single port inline injector with a 24 volt 12 watt power supply and a 5 volt 10 watt splitter with a female USB adapter and NOW a Micro-USB Adapter

Kit includes a 24 volt PoE Injector and USB adapter to power your 5 volt non-PoE devices.  The 5 volt non-poe splitter has a 1.35mm DC connector and fits most 5 volt devices. This kit gives you everything you need to power iPads, Raspberry Pi or USB devices up to 328 feet. Need power and data over microUSB?  Simply use this Ethernet to microUSB adapter.

Place your device display where you want, not where the charging adapter can reach. Normal USB and microUSB charging cables won’t work efficiently for more than a few feet, but our 5 volt PoE splitters and PoE kits can run for hundreds of feet.

Simple, Reliable, and Supported By Experts We design our Power over Ethernet solutions for simple installation and long life, but sometimes things go wrong. That’s why expert help is only a phone call away, and all of our PoE products are backed with a 1-year replacement warranty and 30-day “no questions asked” return policy.


PT-1.35-1.35-3.5M - 11.4 foot extension power cable

WT-MMF-RJ-45 - Combiner/splitter to run two data/power lines on one ethernet cable


Product Specifications

Data + PoE Ports 1
Data Ports 1
Data Rate 10/100
Dimensions 1x5x5 in.
Input voltage 24 volts
LEDs Per Port 1
Max. Amps Per Port 2
Operating Humidity 5% to 90%
Operating Temperature Range -10 -60C
PoE Method Passive
PoE Mode/Pinout Mode B (+4,5 -7,8)
PoE Standard N/A
Power Input USB
Weight 6oz