1.35 to microUSB-LA 4x

1.35mm to microUSB (Left Angle) DC Adapter


1.35 mm dc barrel to microUSB left angle (bundle of 4)

Use these 1.35mm to right angle micro-USB adapters to power USB devices with our 5 volt kits. Includes 4 adapters.

Our 5v Splitters have a 1.35mm x 5.5mm output male DC plug. Our 12v Splitters have a 2.1mm x 5.5mm output male DC plug

Product Specifications

Connector Types 1.35mm female DC barrel, MicroUSB male (left angle)
Dimensions 7 in.
Max Current 2 amps
Max Voltage 5 volts
Max. Amps Per Port 2
Operating Humidity 5% to 90%