IGOR Rev 6.0 Linear 90 Watt Network and Device Node Controllers



IGOR Rev 6.0; 90 Watt Linear Network and Device Node Controllers

Igor Network and Device Nodes provide the data connectivity and power distribution architecture to create a fully functioning PoE lighting control system. The Igor Gateway software communicates bi?directionally with the nodes to control lighting for each Space, as well as to receive signals from sensors and other devices to improve occupant comfort and optimize energy savings.

Linear Network Nodes:Linear Network Nodes act as an intelligent hub for the PoE lighting network. They receive power and data from the PoE network switch, interact with connected devices and pass power and data downstream to any daisy?chained Device Nodes via the Igor Bus. As LED fixtures and sensors are connected and configured, the node will automatically report those devices back to the Igor Gateway software for easy plug and play functionality. Each Network Node is also DHCP?enabled and will automatically receive an IP address from the local network to simplify installation and setup.

Linear Device Nodes: Device Nodes extend the functionality and reach of the Igor solution. They allow multiple nodes to be linked together in a daisy chain from each Network Node via typical Ethernet patch cables. Additional LED fixtures and sensors can be connected without the need for multiple cable runs back to the data closet. This results in optimal power utilization and reduces the overall installed system cost by using fewer switch ports and network switches.

Node Levels: Two Node level options allow you to build your intelligent lighting system to spec. With Min and Max variations, you can support up 5 16 watt fixtures per 1 network homerun when daisy chaining 5 nodes together. All network devices are individually addressable and programmable with IGOR software.


  • Two LED driver outputs

  • Two LED driver outputs
  • One 24VDC power outputs, 500mA total capacity
  • Three universal sensor inputs programmable for dry-contact, 24VDC hi/lo, and 0-10VDC
  • One USB Type A connector
  • One RS485 connector

Product Specifications

Certifications UL/EMC/FCC/RoHS
Connector Types JST VH-Series B2P-VH-FB-B(LF)(SN) or equivalent; Spring Cage Terminals; USB 2.0 Type A Female; Micro-Latch 53254;
Data Standard USB 2.0
DC Power Input 99 Watts MAX
Dimensions 14.13 x 1.19 x .69 in
Input Voltage Range 48 - 57VDC
IP Rating IP20 - Indoor Use Only
Max Power for Kit 75 Watts MAX
Mount Type Mounting holes placed at 90° angle from each other spaced 350mm apart
Operating Humidity 10% to 80% RH non-condensing
Operating Temperature Range 0 to 70 C