Denton PoE Lighting Control Node

The DENT-POE-LCN utilizes IEEE 802.3bt PoE to enable up to 4 LED fixtures (<90W) to be network controlled via a POE infrastructure. By simply removing or not including the high voltage (120-277VAC) driver, it is an ideal replacement for any traditional LED driver. This lighting control node transforms most LED fixtures from a class I device to a class II device enabling a much lower "drag along" installation cost

The DENT-POE-LCN automatically figures out drive characteristics based on a power level configuration. Using the 802.3bt standard, the unit can be configured and controlled via a standard REST API using POST|GET calls and a JSON data structure with direct support from any Denton gateway such as the DENT-PDG-W, DENT-POE-NC, and DENT-PDG-IDC.

Designed with four inputs to accept stimulus from occupancy sensors, 0-10V wall switches, daylight sensors or momentary and maintained switches that can be shared across the network for real-time status to always be displayed. In addition, four outputs that can connect directly to the LED +/- wires of the fixture supporting either a constant current output (0-4000mA), a PWM constant voltage interface (typical with tape lights) or an Individial pixel set-up (via REST API or ARTnet). Drive levels are set (in software) for each output and precision dimming increments and smooth transitions are all dynamically created as part of the internal functionality.

Product Features:

  • Works with IEEE 802.3bt PoE to enable up to 4 LED fixtures to be network controlled; Ability to support four individual fixtures, two CCT (tunable white) fixtures, or one RGBW fixture
  • Ideal solution for connecting Legacy LEDs; Connects to any type of legacy wall switch or occupancy sensor
  • Designed with universal inputs that connect to any industry standard low voltage occupancy (wet contact), 0-10V input, dry contact, or daylight sensor in the network
  • Full IoT capabilities
  • HTML5/REST_API connection
  • Each output is individually addressable and can be coupled together for > 1A output
  • Works with any DENT-PDG hosted gateway
  • On board power metering
  • UL listed class II device
  • 3 Drive Type Options: Constant Current, Constant Voltage and Individual Pixel (via REST API or ARTnet) - See drop-down menu

Product Specifications

Connector Types RJ45; Input: Four Autosense 0-10V, dry contact or 24V wet contact / Output: Four pairs of LED+/LED-
DC Power Input 90 Watts
Dimensions 5.5 x 3.38 x 1.63 in
Input Voltage Range 48-57V POE
Mount Type Wall
Operating Temperature Range -20 - 40 C
Output Voltage 24V-48V
PoE Standard IEEE 802.3bt
Power Input IEEE 802.3bt
Weight 6 oz