Denton Power Distribution Gateway with Integrated Driver and Controls

The DENT-PDG-IDC enables any IDC fixture to be individually addressable and network controlled via a low voltage, bi-directional communication and a low voltage power wire pair. Its integration of up to 800W of power distribution and bi-directional communication make it an ideal choice to enable sophisticated IDC fixtures to support advanced capabilities like circadian rhythms (CCT color tuning) and color changing (RGBAWC).

Use as a retrofit unit where utilization of existing two-wire wiring is required (ex: ROMEX).

Every fixture on an IDC bus can be individually addressed and each fixture can be part of addressed groups for simultaneous changes with extremely low (< 100ms) latency.

Product Features:

  • Ability to support four independent 2-wire pairs concurrently; Supports four 12-24V PWM outputs like tape, cove lights through direct constant voltage control (common anode and common cathode) configurable as four monochromatic, two bi-chromatic, or one RGBW fixture
  • Offers full IoT capabilities
  • Connects to DMX, DALI, BACnet, Enocean, WIFI, Zigbee (802.15.4) Bluetooth devices and bridges communication between any of them
  • PDG-IDC connects to any other Denton gateway on the Denton platform through a common software API over a standard PoE network
  • Ideal connection for Legacy LEDs; Connects to any type of wall switch or occupancy sensor
  • The PDG-IDC is a Linux server and Ethernet switch with four low voltage output pairs that can modulate communication and power over two low voltage wires up to 500ft away
  • Can support up to 16K individually addressable sensors and fixtures
  • On board power metering for each circuit with better than 1% accuracy
  • Contains an internal astronomical clock with multiple schedule support

Product Specifications

Connector Types 24V IDC Fixture Interface; USB x 2; RJ45
DC Power Input 24V DC
Dimensions 6.38 x 5.63 x 2.13 in; antenna = 4.25 in
Input voltage 24 VDC
Max Current < 10A / Channel
Max Power for Kit 0-800W; 200W max per channel
Mount Type Wall Mount
Operating Temperature Range -20 to 40 C
Output Voltage 24 VDC
Weight 1.6 lbs