IGOR Enabling Smart Buildings

A complete smart building solution making commercial offices smarter and more productive

Designed with an Infinite Number of Spaces in Mind

Together, the Node, Gateway, and Cloud are Nexos, a commercial building solution with a single location where all devices connect.

System Architecture

Put Nexos to Use for You

1 - Intelligent Lighting Controls

Use Igor’s PoE Lighting technology to give all users independent control and customization over their space.

5 - Temperature Sensors

Temperature sensors connect to lighting controls, HVAC, and automatic shades to execute commands when an occupied room has rising temperatures.

2 - Light Switches

Program pre-set commands depending on the room’s needs and easily reprogram buttons without rewiring the switch.

6 - Security Systems

Link security systems to smart locks, lighting, automatic alerts, and video feeds to provide state-of-the-art security.

3 - Occupancy Sensors

Layer occupancy sensors onto Igor’s Nexos platform to execute HVAC and lighting commands when a room is unoccupied.

7 - Sustainability Initiatives

Use sensor, energy usage, and space utilization data to reach sustainability and CSR goals.

4 - Cloud Data and Analytics

Manage 3rd party apps in the Nexos Cloud to break down data silos and allow technology to change, adapter, and learn as one.

8 - Bluetooth Sensors

Use Bluetooth sensors and manage data in the Nexos Cloud platform to provide specific people counts or data on hotdesking availability.

Case Studies from Completed Projects

Follow the Links to Case Studies from Completed Installations

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Be ready to adapt to the future by using Igor’s reliable, scalable, and proven PoE technology to create a smart building that will stand the test of time.

IGOR Core Hardware

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