Updating Your GAF-Lightning-PD to iOS 15

iOS 15.2 is Fully Backward Compatible Now

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Updating Your GAF-Lightning-PD device for iOS 15 will only take a few minutes

As you are aware by this point, iOS 15.1 failed to include drivers for our earlier model GAF-Lightning-PD’s.  iOS 15.2 does include all the drivers, and the GAF-Lightning-PD does not require any firmware updates. 

You can always find the most up-to-date information on iOS compatibility here

In addtion, you are always welcome to contact our Success team to arrange a swap out to updated device including discussing upgrading to our USB-C product lines that even better futureproof you against the updates away from Lightning as a connector type.

success@poetexas.com or 512-479-0317

Learn More Here About the USB-C Shift . . .

In case you’d prefer to update to the most up-to-date drivers on our GAF-Lightning-PD, we have also prepared kits to allow you to make the updates rapidly at your facility.  This will be your guide.  Let’s get started.

Step 1 : Arrange to Receive an Updater Device

The update process requires a USB device and a Windows 10 PC.  We do not recommend using a laptop in this application.  We are happy to send you a device for a small deposit that will be refunded when you return the device.   You can simply arrange a device by contacting us here:


Step 2 : Download the App Package

Next, download and unzip the application package you can find at this link or by clicking on the image.

iOS Updater Package

Step 3 : Install the Windows Driver

Once you’ve unzipped the file, click on the Windows Driver folder.  Double click on the SR9900_SFX application.

Your PC might show a warning like this.  Simply click “More Info” then “Run Anyway”.  A command prompt should flash on the screen.

Finally, reboot the PC to ensure the driver starts properly.

Step 4 : Start the Updater

Once the PC restarts, return to the main folder and start the iOS 15 Updater Application.

The app will start already populated and ready to start updating devices.

Plug in the first device and connect it to the first GAF-Lightning-PD device you’re updating.  You can leave your GAF-Lightning-PD connected to the network while you perform this update.

If the GAF-Lightning-PD is recognized, you will see the “Device Select” menu show “Select all” rather than be blank.

You can click the down arrow to identify what device MAC address has been connected to the updater.

You can update one or multiple devices at the same time.  Or you can leave the option as “Select All”.

Finally, choose “Program” to update your device.  The update will happen in less than a second, and a new updated page will appear.

You can now connect it to an iOS 14 and perform the iOS update or connect it immediately to an iOS 15 updated device.


Notes on the Update

If you use a network security system like ICE that utilizes MAC addresses, take this time to note the updated MAC address range of your GAF-Lightning-PD device.   The MAC address will update to “00:E0:99:00: . . . .”

Please make sure to update this range of MAC addresses in your network configuration.


If you run into an issue, you’re always welcome to speak with a PoE Texas Success partner at success@poetexas.com or 512-479-0317.

However, here are a few troubleshooting steps you can take:

Issue: When I connect the blue USB cable to the PC and connect my GAF-Lightning-PD, it says it cannot recognize the USB device.

Solution: Please make sure to install the driver – see above on driver install – and reboot the PC to start the driver.

Issue: When I connect my GAF-Lightning-PD and run the app, I don’t see the “Select All” option and/or the “Select Device” remains blank.

Solution: Please make sure to install the driver – see above on driver install – and reboot the PC to start the driver.

Question: Do I need to disconnect the PoE from my device before I update it?

Answer: No, you can leave your GAF-Lightning-PD connected to your network while you perform this update.

Question: Can I update multiple devices at one time?

Answer: Yes, you can update multiple devices all connecting to different USB ports.  Note: we have found that not all USB hubs will connect properly and we have only successfully updated 3x units at one time so far.  We are testing other hubs to see if we can update more than that.

Ready to Do the Update?

Please contact us to arrange your updater device or to ask any questions you have about your process

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