With the wide variety of WiFi Access Points on the market, it can be difficult to find the right PoE solution. While most manufacturers stick to standard 802.3af or 802.3at PoE, some major brands also use 24 volt Passive PoE. Consult the technical specs for your device or give us a call if you're not sure what you need.
Sold Out POE-1-24V12W

Injector Kit




10/100 Single, Mode B Injector with a 24 volt, .5 Amp, 12 watt power supply We recommend using this single port injector kit for powering Heckler's new "Slim Mount" for iPad. Or use this passive Power over Ethernet injector to power other 24 volt devices like Ubiquiti cameras, Mikrotik WiFi access points and more. The PoE Injector takes power fr...

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