Welcome to the Beta Room, our home for products still in development. Items in The Beta Room range from prototypes to products that will launch soon. There may also be a few items we're just trying out.

Whatever the status, you can rest assured that every product is covered by our standard 30-day return policy and one-year replacement warranty.

So look around and try things out, and if you have any feedback on a Beta product, then please let us know.  

C5E-200-Drop-Beta - PoE Drop-In-A-Box
C5E-200-Drop-Beta - PoE Drop-In-A-Box

C5E-200-Drop-Beta - PoE Drop-In-A-Box


200 Feet of CAT 5E Plenum Rated Cable with All the Accessories for a PoE Drop Proof of Concept: Running a cable seems like an easy enough task, right? Or it should be at least. But, for those of us who have done it once or twice, or a couple hundred times, you might be more familiar with one of the following scenarios:   The Contractor: You’ve ...

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