Inline voltage and current tester


Version 4 of our Inline voltage and current tester for PoE 

The WS-PoE-Tester from PoE Texas belongs in every tool kit. Test PoE cameras, VOIP phones, and WiFi installations. When placed in-line between your PoE injector or switch and the powered device, the WS-PoE-Tester will display the voltage available, current, and power consumption.

Use this tool to troubleshoot PoE issues

  • See how much power any PoE or DC powered device actually uses
  • Measure available voltage at the remote end of a PoE connected device
  • Observe loss in the Ethernet cable.
  • Use the 2.1mm DC connectors to measure voltage and current / power in 24, 48 and 56 volt installations
  • Measure PoE currents up to 500 ma (28 watts)
  • DC current up to 5 amps

Product Features

  • Bright LED displays - alternate between Voltage, Current and Power
  • Mode A display from 20v to 56 volts 
  • Mode B display from 20v to 56 volts 
  • DC input display from 5v to 56 volts
  • 2.1mm to 2.1mm jumper included


Product Specifications

Data Rate Gigabit
Dimensions 4x4x2 in.
Operating Humidity 5% to 90%
Operating Temperature Range -10 - 60C
PoE Method Passive
PoE Standard 802.3af/at
Power Input 2.1mm DC
Weight 5oz