Apple iPad PoE with Wired Ethernet Data

Apple iPad PoE with Wired Ethernet Data

One of our most often requested features is power and data to an Apple iPad or iPhone through an ethernet cable.  PoE Texas now has wired power and data to an iPad with our GAF-Lightning-PD.  Check it out here:


If you haven't already seen our blog on wall mount your iPad, check out our Tech Corner post on picking your PoE for your mounted iPad.

By the way, if you're concerned about having an iPad always charging, there's good news.  iOS 11.3 now has a feature integrated into the software that protects the iPad battery when it is always charging.  Check out their help desk info here!

Bill of Material:


With the implementation of the GAF-Lightning-PD, all you need is:

1 - Your tablet

2 - Your tablet mount.

3 - GAF-Lightning-PD

4 - A PoE switch.  If you don't have one, you can check out these options:



Since a picture is worth a thousand words, why don't I save you reading a bunch of boring steps and just show you a picture of how it all comes together.

That's it!  Not much to it.  Configuring the network settings is covered in our technical manual for the GAF-Lightning-PD here.

And as always, we're happy to discuss your project if you'd like to get expert advice - 512-479-0317.

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